Photographer: Linda Brownlee

Beverley Naidoo

This session is set up as an online talk with award-winning author Beverley Naidoo who shares some slides to set the context for her work, reads from her book(s) and takes questions from the students. Beverley’s seminal novel Journey to Jo’burg is set in apartheid-era South Africa but the session could be tailored around one of her other works if this is what the students have read prior to the session e.g. The Other Side of TruthChildren of the Stone City or her collection of short stories Out of Bounds. For younger readers, Beverley can offer a session based around Cinderella of the Nile  or for post-16s focusing on apartheid and Out of Bounds. For these offers it is important that students have read some of Beverley’s work prior to the session and that they prepare some questions for her ahead. Beverley can also offer tailored talks that speak to themes in her writing, e.g. seeking refugee and human rights. All talks adaptable for KS1 to KS5.