The Lab at Art Against Knives: Podcast 1

We have been working with Art Against Knives since early 2021, collaborating with their project The Lab – a creative space for young people in Barnet – and bringing participants with lived-experience of anti-racist activism to be interviewed for intergenerational podcasts, produced by Art Against Knives’ One Mic Real Talk.

This image shows one of the podcast sessions in action (May 2021). This session was a blended recording session (with Suresh Kamath, former AAM Activist and TLTU Trustee on zoom) and Lela Kogbara (Founder of Black Thrive Global and former AAM Activist) in conversation with hosts Osaro1st and DJ Fred.

The conversation was a rich discussion about colonialism and its effects – looking back to apartheid and forward to transformative and positive futures.

The Lab at Art Against Knives: Podcast 2

A second session took place in July ’21 where Osaro1st and DJ Fred met and interviewed two former London Recruits, Bob Newland and Pete Smith.

The young people were inspired, describing the conversation as “soul feed”. During the 1970s and 80s, the African National Congress recruited young white men and women known as the London Recruits (mainly English, with some other nationals involved too) to carry out secret missions on their behalf, including smuggling propaganda and morale boosting materials into South Africa, whilst pretending to be visiting tourists.