Strength in Unity – a digital showcase

A selection of artworks created by London Metropolitan University’s BA Illustration & Animation Students (2022/23 2nd year cohort) celebrating a cross-section of women involved in the liberation struggle, in response to our heritage-focused brief. Students explored lino printing, riso printing and screen-printing techniques while creating the pieces. 

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Travelling Exhibition – Strength in Unity

A travelling illustrated exhibition of up to 35 A2 poster panels, featuring 12 women who dedicated their lives to anti-apartheid action, some from within South Africa with others overseas as part of cause-focused training or while living in exile. Available for free loan.

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Forward to Freedom – Pop-up exhibition

‘Forward to Freedom’, an exhibition telling the story of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement created by our project partners, the Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives Committee, comprises 22 A2 lightweight boards. Available for free loan.

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Fighting Apartheid in Islington

This pop-up exhibition centred a collaboration between Anti-Apartheid Legacy and Caledonian Clock Tower in 2022 and travelled various Islington locations, including London Metropolitan University and Lift Youth Hub. It re-visited the exhibition curated by The Islington Museum, co-created with members of our project advisory group in 2018.

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Truth to Power – A 360° Tour

Truth to Power: Desmond Tutu and the Churches in the struggle against apartheid is a dynamic collaboration between two South Africa based institutions, the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation and the Apartheid Museum. By their kind permission, we invite you to virtually visit the exhibition.

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All Shall Be Afforded Dignity

“All Shall Be Afforded Dignity”, launched in 2024, marks 30 years of democracy in South Africa and reflects on the enduring quest for dignity in South Africa and beyond. The exhibition is a sharing of artwork by the artist Norman Kaplan that weaves a narrative exploring the interconnected themes of human rights, democracy, and the enduring human spirit.

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